About Us

It All Started A Few Years Ago

With two entrepreneurs working with local businesses to meet Social Media marketing needs. Since then our services have expanded to include Website & Web Development, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing and Content Marketing. Our idea has always been to offer creativity to achieve marketing results for our clients.
Today, we work on the same principle, but with a slight difference, we target, improve and create marketing magic quickly. Our website designs, content, search engine marketing techniques, and social media marketing efforts, all interconnect to create  successful online marketing accomplishments for our clients.
Our team is made up of specialized designers, developers, social media marketing professionals and content creators. Our focus is in offering effective marketing services that educate, inspire and create sales for our customers. We  help promote important business relationships, regardless of traditional barriers like distance or language.

Our Team

The 5 Colors Media dream team is made up of many accomplished creatives, each with an unequaled set of skills that makes him/her stand out in his/her field. It is this that gives us the edge over our competitors. We have ability to add that  special creative touch to each of our customer’s projects.

Meet the Team

  • Sigfredo Martinez

    Co-founder/ Sales Manager ‘’I’m all about having those positive, open and long-term relationships with my clients. I want to create those win-win situations. It is the principle the 5 Color Media team stands for. My passion is to help businesses grow and my purpose is to stand beside our customers every step of the way. ‘’

  • Amy Duits

    Co-founder/ Creative Manager ‘’ We started 5 Colors Media in 2014 with the goal of doing outstanding work. Today, we are all pleased to say that our first clients are still with us. I am proud that we’ve grown into an agency of diverse and professional talents, and I believe that with positivity, professionalism and creativity we can help you reach every goal and objective you want to achieve through your website. .’’

  • Joey Palm

    Creative Manager Joey is a creative powerhouse and responsible for the smooth running of our office. He studied International Business and Management in the Netherlands. More than that, he is committed to the 5 Colors Media multicultural team. “I love helping the team make everything work. This is an innovative hopping industry that I feel right at home in.”

  • Edwing Nackor Gavidia

    Designer Nack is a very talented graphic designer and video editor who enjoys working with the innovative concepts of 5 Colors Media. “I learn with every new project I take on, and the motivation I get from learning at every turn in life gives me the motivation to take bigger risks and thereby gain more rewards. We only have one life to live, and I want to experience as much of it as I can.” Nice to Know: Nack has an interest in learning and develops his skills through continuing education.

  • William Mendez

    Designer Willian truly believes in the creative minds of people and how fantastic ideas can have positive impacts on society. Willian studied advertising and design and he is not only a very creative person in the area of communication , he also has additional knowledge of journalism and social media marketing. Because of these variety of skills we can honestly say that Willian is a genius in the creation of visual content.

  • Joan Morales

    Designer Joan is the leader of the graphic design team; he is responsible for much of our outstanding creative web designs. As an outstanding graphic designer, the best of his class in 2014, his talents shine when it comes to illustrations or creating corporate images. “I love the process of creating art, bringing illustrations to life, all while listening to great music”. Nice to Know: Joan has the gift of drawing caricatures. He can create a cartoon out of everyone and everything. Check out some of his amazing work at Instagram @5ColorsMedia

  • Jose Luis Benitez

    Web Developer Jose Luis has a Bachelor degree in systems engineering. At 5 Colors Media, he develops the most functional, yet very attractive websites for our clients. He likes working at 5MC because of the challenge of creating tools and applications for complex systems that turn them into an easy-to-navigate website that can entertain and interact with people. “This is an industry where you never stop studying and learning and I love working with 5MC because of the challenging environment. I love creating the tools and applications that make complex systems easy to navigate” Nice to Know: Jose Luis is passionate about sports and plays baseball, basketball as well as other sports.

  • Margarita Nicolas

    Social Media "I believe faithfully that we must continue to advance, even in the midst of adversity, because it is not where you are, but where you want to go." Magie is an Audiovisual Journalist. She started with 5 Colors media in 2017, she considers herself a creative person and without fear of what the world has to say about her; she is simply herself"