E- Commerce ¿ How and where to start?

21 April 20
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Are you an entrepreneur? If yes, please keep on reading, because with only 3 simple steps we can help you change the structure of your regular sales to the world of online sale. ? Are you ready? 

We will start on by clarifying that it doesn’t matter the size of your company, although you have a small, medium or big company, online sales are just perfect for any entrepreneur. Now, more than ever, is Digital Marketing essential for ALL BUSINESSES, and so is E-commerce, but are you willing to migrate the entire online sales structure to continue standing? 

Probably as a business owner, during the last few days, you have questioned yourself the need to change the sales structure  which you have worked with for a long time and that also makes you feel comfortable, but like you, 90% of entrepreneurs around the word, no matter their company size, need a new strategy to stay in the market and what better than online sales to achieve it ? 
Until now, we asked you 3 questions and if you stopped and asked yourself at least 1 of them, you are on the right path… 

If as an entrepreneur, you offer products or services that in some way changes the lives of your consumers and in your company whether you have 1 or 100 employees depending on sales, you have no excuse. Let’s take this step together towards the transformation of regular sales into online sales.  
We have a secret and we are gong to share it with you… 

Did you know that people are currently changing the way they consume products and service?  
To put ourselves in the context, 5 colors media is a digital marketing company with more than 7 years of experience who, like you, saw the need to transform itself to provide the clients with better business opportunities, but we must also admit that we sometimes ask ourselves; How to do it ? With the experience we have today we now have us the answer and that’s why ¡ We want to help you! 
To start with E-Commerce, you must know that 1. You need a strategy, which begins with the creation of an online store and for this, you must define the medium ( which can be a web page, landing page, Facebook store, or simply  sell through pages like Amazon, eBay or any other) 

But, wait! Before you choose any of those, you will need accompaniment. According to statistics, 7 out of 10 online stores were created without a defined marketing plan, resulting in failure and are alter abandoned on the web because of unproper support they had difficulties to achieve their goals. 

2. Online sales also have their structure, and this includes a whole series of “sub-processes” example: Depending on the product you sell, you’ll need a packaging, develop a direct service line, join a shipping company, supervise the delivery process and a whole set of actions that are directly related to the success of online stores

3. The entire structure depends on what the public sees inside and outside your online store and here comes Digital Marketing into action and the way in which you show your brand, product or service to users on social networksweb pages and Marketing campaigns. By reason of this, your online store must also be aesthetic and 100% adjusted to your corporate image and the image of your products, because this sells the consumer confidence and security.  

Now, we understand that a lot of information like this, makes you believe that this process is complex, but ¡We are here! Willing to accompany you and give you the follow-up that your company must take to step into the online sales world.  

We will make this easy for you because we have the experience to help you develop a sales structure tailored to you, so contact us through +59996852327, WhatsApp +59997372327 or leave us an email: sigfredo@5colorsmedia.com and together we will define the right strategy for your online store and its creation along with all its aesthetic elements and finally provide you with support from a complete Digital Marketing Strategy.  

Prepare for success… ¡We are ready! 


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