What else can I do?

11 April 20
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I did more advertising, created more offers and lowered prices. Why am I still in red?

What can we do in this type of situation? Will this happen to big companies too? Let us tell you that yes, it happens to many companies including the largest ones and the solution is not to give up. One of the largest manufacturers of crackers in Mexico went through the same situation. Despite their efforts in Marketing, Digital Marketing and production, they couldn’t get out of their crisis state. And what did they do to get out of that situation? They only did the following steps which are very simple:

Analyze your audience

Check the tastes that your audience has. Which social media do they use and interact frequently?, What do they like?, What do they need? etc. With this analysis you will know in which social network you can invest and the way in which you can reach them more effectively. Remember that if you know their needs and tastes you can reach them with your product or service.

Analyze your situation

If you have already invested, check the results and compare them with the previous ones to see what has improved, what has not and what remains the same; then do more tests. If you haven’t invested, don’t jump into the sea of sharks without knowing how to escape. First, perform several tests and compare the results. How and which tests should be carried out? Simple, create multiple types of advertising where one has a more variant than another, for example: A content that has more text and the other with less text. Upload them and check which version had more interaction.

And for that you need a team of designers and marketing specialists like the 5 Colors Media team.

Build your plan

Already having this information, start creating your marketing plan. How? Choosing: the social network preferred by your clients, the design of the publication and its frequency. Great, right? But … do you have time to do all this? Contact us because at 5 Colors Media we have a professional team that will help you boost your business.

And finally, Run it!

Ritz cracker brand analyzed and studied its customers and situation. And they discovered that people needed and wanted a snack that could be enjoyed with everything and at any time.Mexicans love to watch videos on YouTube (it is the player and social network most used by them) That’s why they started a campaign in which they showed what they could do with crackers (desserts, snacks, etc.), with what to combine them for parties and meetings. They only published this on YouTube and managed to get out of their crisis situation.

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