Social Media Marketing

What do you want to achieve with social media?

Everyone knows that everyone is using Social Media. We don’t need to explain to you the opportunities social media has to offer for your business. But here we give you some reasons to use Social Media:

Conversions – Brand Awareness – Promotions – Grow Database – Customer Service – Online Reputation – Networking – Customer leads – Promoting Products or Services – Increase  Website Traffic

Are you ready to put your brand in front of your target audience and reach some real results? Because we are and we are more than happy to help your business.

How We Work

So, before we start we need to determine some things like your target audience, your company’s goals and your Social Media goal(s). Which platform is suitable for your business?

The next step is to create a social media strategy with a content strategy plan.

We include the following services in your Social Media Marketing Plan:

Don’t have a page yet?
We’ll set it up for you. We’ll make sure it says who you are and shows what you are, in style.

Do you already have an account set up?
We will review this, give recommendations for improvements and after your approval we will integrate these improvements.

We study your business and the market. We then present a content marketing plan suited to your needs. You don’t have to do absolutely anything.

We’ll help you say what you want to say to whom you want to say it to through targeted ads.

We’ll make the most of what your customers are saying about you on social media.

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn – they’re all great channels to promote your event… and we know how to use them to their full potential.

People will scan the things they want to read based on the most impacting images. At 5CM we understand that. We make sure that every post or tweet catches the attention of the people that you want to reach.

Social Media is about being social: connecting with the people who are valuable to your business. Contests keep people engaged with your business. We set up original and fun contests, so that your Social Media page stays fun, interactive and interesting.

We offer Social Media packages for every budget, because we understand that every company is different and has different needs and wants. We are looking for long term relationships with our clients. Our contracts are flexible because we believe that an open and honest relationship works best.

Let’s work together

We would love to chat with you in a free consultation