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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the foundation of any successful online brand. It is not optional. SEO is a strategy for getting your website to rank high in the organic (non-paid) results of search engines.

Millions of consumers use search engines every day to quickly and easily find information, products, services, and entertainment. However, if your site isn’t on the first page, 90% of these online consumers will not find it. They will simply click on one or more of the visible sites, due to the fact that websites and their content are shown and ranked based on what the search engines consider most important to users.

To be on the first positions on search engines, it is necessary a previous evaluation from a SEO specialist, and it may be targeted in different kind of search, such as:







SEO is a way to make sure that your site is structured in a way that search engines understands, so it can appear in the first page of the result list.

Our SEO Services

First of all, we research the basic behavior of the site with search engines, so we can recognize what it takes into account to rank the site.

The basic preliminary evaluation is to identify:

  • Website domain

  • Content structure

  • Tags(h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6?

  • Text

  • Images

  • Links (internals and externals)

  • Loading rate

  • Responsive design

  • Backlink

  • Creation time

  • Meta description

  • Favicon

  • Elements that slow down load

Based on this evaluation, we give our recommendations to optimize these elements to make your site better.

The foundation of any good SEO campaign is choosing the right keywords – there is nothing better to improve your online position. 5 Colors Media identifies the best-suited keywords for your business. 

Content is king in search engine optimization. The search engines love text; high volume, high-quality content related to your business will serve you in a couple of important ways.

First, a site loaded with high-quality content of interest to site users will give them a reason to stay and a reason to come back. After all, the reason they came to your site was to find information.

Second, you will receive the added benefit of serving up exactly what the search engines want – content. Search engines will have more information to store about your business and products; that information will translate directly into the ranking they give your site for related keyword phrases.

On-page:  Meta Description Optimization, H1 Tags, Sitemap, Page Title & Header Tags Optimization, Keyword Density Analysis, Onsite recommendations & Implementation

Off-page: Link Building, Local Search Website Optimization, Local Search Engine Submission…

Know your market and know your competitors. This is synonym of a benchmarking so you can know what they do, how they work, their position on search engines and more. With this information it’ll be easier to take the best of their work and improve it, so your site will be ahead of the crowd and ahead of the competition.

Strategies are how we make your site user and engine-friendly. This way, your site appears among the top results of search engines, making it likely that users will click on it – and come back.

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