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Established in 2006, Novo Casa Realty is a progressive and independent real estate company run by Rudy Neuman and Derrick de Vreeze, two local gentlemen with more than 20 years of international and local real estate experience and who are able to offer you a unique and personal level of service. We have an unprecedented commitment to professionalism and customer service that we love sharing with our clients.This is a one-page website with a customized realtor component build in a Content Management System (CMS). Novo Casa Realty can easily update their (new) listings themselves..

Entreferros currently has three branches the main office is located in the city of Oporto Portugal, where is the factory workshop, other office is settle on the Curacao Island and the third one is in venezuela, the company offers its services all around the world.This website we designed in 3 languages and with a customized made Portfolio. Because of its easy to manage Content Management System (CMS), the people from Entreferros can easily update their project information.

The company PAMAR Stanislaw Jakubowski was founded in April 1995 and has its headquarters in Szczecin, Poland. It deals with production and sales of window and door profiles, PVC DECEUNINCK, which has Technical Approval ITB No AT-15-2133/2005. The company’s philosophy is focused on quality and compatibility of manufactured joinery which leads to consistently increase the share of sales of PVC and aluminum carpentry in the market. The company PAMAR in a relatively short time managed to create a dedicated team of employees serving professional advice, which is focused on permanent contacts with customers..

With more than a 30,000 approved cash advance loans since inception, Caribbean Cash is now the Caribbean’s leading payday loan company. The Company opened in 2007 and has helped thousands of hardworking people overcome short term financial challenges in their everyday life. Since its founding, the Company has grown in size and scope, developing a strong presence based on consumer demand, responsible management and a corporate culture that promotes sound lending practices and courteous customer service. Local people with familiar faces staff the office insuring you good treatment with every visit. 5 Colors Media proudly developed this website with a custom made form, so clients can apply for a loan through this website. It has a responsive design, so whether you open the website in your computer, phone or tablet it works and looks good. We integrated a chat system for a better customer support.

A trip to the beautiful island Klein Curacao, a discovery trip along the bounty beaches of Curacao, a diving trip or a private charter, all this is possible with “The BREEZE”. Because of its international character we developed this website in 4 languages with a custom made form for the reservation of trips.