5 Colors Media is a digital marketing agency that is specialized in social media marketing, SEO and web development & design.

Started in 2013 as a small company with 4 clients, 5 Colors Media grew fast and today we are managing the social media channels for more than 20 clients in Curaçao. Investing in long term relationships with our clients is very important to us and that’s why our first clients are still with us today. 5 Colors Media is dedicated to help you grow your brand, so we can grow with you.

It’s our mission to help businesses ESTABLISH, maintain and INCREASE a STRONG online BRAND IDENTITY. Our team consists of professional and talented people who all share the same goal: Let your brand shine online! Whether you’re looking for a professional website, a strong social media presence or optimal results in Google, 5 Colors Media will be more than happy to help you establish this!

What we stand for:

INTEGRITY. Honest and real, always


EXCELLENCE. We strive only for the best

PASSION. What we do, we do with love

SUPPORT. We love to help, just ask

CREATIVITY. Stand out. Be different. Have passion

Meet Our Team


‘’I’m all about positive, open and long-term relationships with my clients. Creating win to win situations is what I stand for. My passion is to help businesses grow and stand beside them every step of the way. ‘’

Co-founder/ Sales Manager


‘’ We started 5 Colors Media in 2014 with the goal to do outstanding work. Our first clients are still with us. I am proud that we’ve grown into a diverse and professional team. I believe that with positivity, professionalism and creativity you can reach every goal you have set and I would love to do that with you.’’

Co-founder/ General Manager


Joey is responsible for the smooth running of our office. Joey studied International Business and Management in the Netherlands. P.S: Joey speaks 4 languages and he loves to play basketball.

Office Manager


Daniela has a in engineering (Information Technology). She is passionate about innovation and technology. ‘’I love new challenges! I love learning something new every day and the tech world provides me with that. It allows me to grow both professionally and personally.‘’

Web Developer


Joan is the leader of the graphic design team; he is responsible for many of our greatest designs. Joan is an outstanding graphic designer, the best of his class in 2014. “I love to create illustrations, corporate images and more, while I listen to music”. P.S: He can create a cartoon out of everyone and everything. Check out some of his amazing work at Instagram @5ColorsMedia



Samuel is a born artist. Next to creating awesome designs for 5 Colors Media he also plays in a band. He says ‘’It is great working with a team that works as a real team; here we all put our piece of the puzzle together. I think that’s the key, that’s what I enjoy most about working at 5 Colors Media‘’Samuel originally studied law but switched majors to graphic design. Aside to creating awesome designs for 5 Colors Media, he also plays in a band. ‘’It is great working with a team that works as a real team; here we all put our piece of the puzzle together. I think that’s the key, that’s what I enjoy most about working at 5 Colors Media.‘’



Nohemi has a degree in Marketing Management, focusing on digital marketing. Nohemi is passionate about content creation, creating social media strategies and blog writing. A fashion addict, she enjoys working with cosmetic and fashion brands. She says: “My passion for digital marketing started the moment I started to work at 5 Colors Media. I love to communicate with people through different channels. I can express my creativity in content writing, seeing opportunities and in connecting things”. When not creating content she enjoys dancing and drawing.

Social Media Manager

Jose Luis

Jose has a degree in system engineering. He works with Daniela developing websites for our clients. “What I like about my job is creating tools and applications for the most complex systems so that even the simplest designed websites can entertain or interact with people. You never stop studying and learning”. When not coding, Jose is passionate about sports, especially basketball.

Web Developer


Alberto fell in love with graphic design while creating fonts. He likes mental challenges and that motivates him daily to do awesome things. Alberto says: ‘’Working at 5 Colors Media has been a total enjoyment besides the fact that I do what I like; I like the variety of people here, our opinion is required, we have freedom to experiment. I’m learning all the time, I can show my skills and knowledge and I am free to be who I am”

Content Manager


Alex is a former computer engineer who fell in love with words and images. Now majoring inMass Communications, he enjoys channeling his energy into creative endeavours such ascontent creation, writing and directing films, or bad jokes. His family and friends hope that he willone day grow up.

Content Manager


Aluirson is a professional in information and management. He has a master’s degree in Programming and Digital Marketing. He loves the process of creating a website, from programming to design and positioning through SEO. He says “5 Colors Media gives extra diversity to my career, because it allows me to be in touch with awesome brands” In addition, he likes to share his knowledge about SEO, digital marketing, marketing, design, programming and more, through seminars and conferences.

SEO Specialist


As part of the designers\' team we work in the best way to offer and excellent visual quality to the client. I\'m Venezuelan, cheerful, passionate about photography, entrepreneur and ready to learn every day.



Urimare has a Bachelor degree in Mass Communication/Advertising and Public Relations. What she likes the most of her career is the fact to research and study society. This way she can create a communication plan in order to make advertising strategies for our brands so the audience can understand and engage with the brand.
She says that “working with 5 Colors Media is the best way to know and learn so much more about specific targets. Being part of this family woke up completely my passion for social media: how it works, how I can engage a brand with customers, how to handle bad comments, the best time to post on social networks, what people like and don’t like, how I should write a post depending on the target and more…”

Content manager