Social Media Advertising

Learn the basics and start right away!

The number of social media users will be 2.5 billion by 2018. Facebook continues to be the biggest platform. 93% of social marketers use Facebook ads as part of their strategy. Did you know that Facebook earned $7.68 billion in Q1 of 2017?

It’s clear your competitors are investing in social media advertising and you probably already know that you should do the same.

If you’re looking to learn the Facebook advertising basics so you can start right away, this post is for you!

STEP #1. Define Your Strategy

1.1. OBJECTIVE. The first step is to determine the objective of your campaign. Below a few examples:

– Increase Targeted Traffic

– Increase Sales

– Increase Brand Awareness

– Increase Engagement

1.2. TARGET AUDIENCE. You need to start getting to know your consumer deeply. Buyer personas are a great resource to help you strategize your campaign. You need to describe your audience in detail because not everyone wants to see an ad about dog food.

STEP #2. Let’s get started with Facebook

The 2 easiest ways

If you want to get more people to your Facebook page, website or a wider reach for a specific post, there are 2 easy ways to get that done:

(1) Promote your page.

If you would like to increase your page likes (increase brand awareness) you can choose for this option. You’ll need to follow the steps:

ADVERT CREATIVE. Tell people a bit more about your page. Make sure that you clearly explain what you’re promoting.

IMAGES. Your cover photo will appear as the default image. You can upload a different image or video if you would like.

AUDIENCE. Here you’ll need to select your target audience. Click on create a new audience and follow the steps. Facebook will tell you if your audience selection is too specific, too broad or great. Facebook shows you also the potential audience size. Don’t forget to save your audience.

BUDGET AND DURATION. Choose your daily budget and the amount of days you would like this ad to run.

PAYMENT. Select the payment system

CHECK. In the right column you can see how your ad looks. You can preview how your ad will look in the desktop news feed, the mobile news feed and the right column.

PROMOTE. When the ad meets your satisfaction you can click on ‘’Promote’’. Facebook will now check if your ad meets their advertising guideline. This usually will take about 15 minutes.

(2) Boost a Post

To make sure that your post reaches a wider audience you’ll need to boost your post. Go to your newsfeed and select the post you would like to boost. Click on ‘’Boost Post’’.

Here you will follow the same steps as in the page promotion with 1 important difference in selecting the target audience.  You can create your own target audience or you can target to people who like your page (and their friends).

Images and videos

Make sure that you will use images and videos of high quality. For maximal deliverability the text has to be less than 20% of the total image.


I just showed you to 2 easiest and fastest ways. With ads manager you can start building a more detailed ad campaign. Facebook offers a variety of different ad formats. To make sure your ads look their best, be sure to review the requirements for each on the Facebook’s Ads Guide.

If you need help with your advertising campaign, just send us a message or give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help you out!


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