Facebook for business. Do you have your basics right?

Probably you are one of the 1.79 billion active Facebook users and you probably have a Facebook page for your business as well. Congratulations, well done. The first step has been made.

By having a Facebook Business page you’re putting the cherry on top of a strong digital presence and adding a place where you can be found. You’re improving your brand authority. Having a presence on Facebook is valuable for many reasons including brand exposure, customer relations, driving website traffic and promoting online offers.

Let’s cut to the chase: everyone knows that Facebook has a lot of opportunities for businesses, but many don’t know how to actually use these opportunities.  Do you have a digital marketing strategy? What is it that you really want to achieve this year? Do you want to increase brand awareness, more website traffic or do you want to increase your sales leads? Let’s start at the beginning. Today we are going to find out if you have your basics right. By Amy Duits

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