Snapchat vs. Instagram

Before talking about these two social networks, you need to ask yourself if visual content is part of you social media marketing. Are you still deciding which one you should use? Well, although they have the same basic purpose and both have value, they are very different from each other.

But before going with the differences and benefits for your business, let’s know a little bit more about these visual social networks.

We all know Instagram: the social network known as the one where we all have the “perfect and happy life”. The best meals, clothes, accessories, gifts and many more will be shown in your feed. Besides, Instagram is very special for its filters and photo editing, because you can edit things like color saturation and brightness in an image.

This social network allows to post images and videos that will appear in the feed of those who follows you. Also, you can post them with a caption that often contains clickable links and short topics as hashtags, which allows to reach to more users when you post with them.

These images will be in your account to stay unless you delete them, so they can be there at any time in the future, and we bet you know that Instagram is sister of Facebook. Yes! Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram in 2012 for 1.000 million dollars!

Now, let’s get to know Snapchat!

If Mark Zuckerberg is interested to buy Snapchat for 3.000 million dollars, we must pay attention to this social network! Its creator, Evan Spiegel, a 25 year old multimillionaire said NO to Facebook’s CEO.

Teenagers spend a lot of time in this social network, but grown people don’t take it serious. Although, brands are getting interested in Snapchat! Over 700 million of photos and videos and sent through Snapchat and over 500 million “stories” are seen daily. But… what makes Snapchat so attractive? How does it work? Why is Snapchat so successful?

Launched in 2011, this social media platform allows you to take photos and videos, add them text and send to a friend or share or with the people who follow you in your “story” for 24 hours, but the fun twist is that once viewers open your Snap, they only have 10 seconds (or the duration of the photo or video) to watch it before it is gone for good.

Teenagers affirm that the pictures they upload to their story are not as exigent as the other social networks, because after 24 hours it won’t be there anymore… at least a follower or friend take a capture of it. The good thing is that you get notice when that happens.

Spontaneity, humor, simplicity and specially volatility is what makes Snapchat so successful. Besides, it is a great way to know your friends routine.


Before telling us which of these social networks are the best for your brand, take a look at these differences.

Now you know more about these social networks… tell us which is the best for your brand?