7 Reasons why businesses need a Twitter account

If people knew the power that Twitter has, this social platform would be the most popular in social media. And actually, if your company doesn’t have a Twitter account, it’ll be crushed. Twitter is already the new way to promote, connect and brand a company… and that is what makes it beautiful.

Maybe… you see the blue bird as a non-valuable option to your company because of its 140 characters and that makes you feel intimidated because it’s hard to track your ROI and you prefer to have an account in another social platform.

The thing is that people nowadays are turning to Twitter as an effective way to connect with their favorite brands, discover and share ideas with others. Besides, this social platform allows people to reach out to businesses too!

Having a Twitter account for your business, you are able to connect with your customers effectively because they are always using Twitter. Some people log onto Twitter the first they wake up, even before brushing their teeth! This social platform has become an interesting daily routine, and if you have an unhappy customer, you’ll know immediately. That will help your company to improve.


Nowadays, people prefer to use social platforms to complain and Twitter is the first social platform they use to do this. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you’ll never know what they are talking about your company and your reputation will be screwed. We know you don’t want that.

As soon as you connect with your customers, you’ll get feedbacks with them: how you can improve your products or your service, even your customer service! Listen to them. That will help you a lot!

If you curate the content of industry thought leaders, mention them, ask relevant questions or answer their queries, you’ll start engaging with them and also build a relationship. Get them to know you as “a lovely helpful chap” and not as a “stranger”.

When you get this connection with influencers, you’ll receive an interesting and a positive outcome.

Twitter chats are a great way to expand your professional network and learn more about a subject. By using a custom hashtag, chat participants can follow the conversation by using Twitter’s search box.

You can get plenty ideas and tips for your content and know the interests of your audience.

As we said in a previous blog, with a great communication plan you can increase your sales thanks to social platforms. But having a great communication plan in Twitter will have an amazing result by increasing your sales as you never thought. Yes, interaction, information, being clear and clean are important in a communication plan, but the most important one is the economical.

It’s all about engaging, help your customers (followers) on Twitter and keep them happy. Once you’ve done that, they’ll be loyal to you for a looong lime.

As you can see, people are finding great value in the connections they make with businesses on Twitter. Now, will you create a Twitter account for your company?