5 Benefits of Social Media for Business

There is no doubt that social networks have changed our lifestyle. In the beginning they helped us regain contact with those loved ones who are far away: they shortened the distances with the use of video chats, we’ve shared and seen photos and videos of our daily life… to be in touch with them we are only a post or an instant message away! And also, social networks allowed us to reconnect with old friends.

But it is not a secret that social networks have revolutionized. And they’ll continue revolutionizing!

Social networking has changed our lifestyle completely!

Remember those days when you used to search for a product in several stores to find a better price. Now, what do you do? You search the product in the Internet and it is delivered to your doorstep!

We are in 2016; XXI century. Technology has been growing more and more every second. Every day thousands of applications are created, the tech giants create increasingly sophisticated products. We live in a world that updates faster than you ever thought.

For those who make life in the world of communications and digital marketing it is common to find traders and companies that still doubt of the power of Web 2.0. They still question if it is really necessary to opt for this marketing tool due to ignorance, fear of failure or because they think they are not beneficial for certain types of businesses. Because of this, companies continue using traditional techniques. Effective too! But in a technologic and evolving world, traditional techniques are not enough.

If you’re one of these traders, we have 5 great reasons for you to think outside the box and get into this wonderful world of social networks.

1. You can learn more about your audience

Insights for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn you can find easily in your accounts.

To any company, knowing their audience is synonym of success and social media makes this possible in a very easy way with the insights tools they offers.

With these tools you can perfectly know the dominant language of your audience, their age and gender. This valuable information will allow you to make a great campaign to offer your services and products and get the engagement you’ve always wanted.

2. Increase your sales

Through a great communication plan, you’ll definitely increase your sales. But keep in mind that communications goals (interaction, information, be clear and clean…) are not the main goal, they are the way to get the biggest goal and it is the economical one.


3. New customers and bigger audience

Social networks like Twitter and Facebook will help you to get noticed in search engines very easy. Besides they will help you to locate your current and also your potential customers.

We must say that Twitter is a very interesting tool to find potential customers. Let us explain why:

4. Increase your Website traffic


If you have a Website, but you don’t have social networks or if you have social networks but you don’t have a Website, you are taking the wrong way.


You finally have your Website [check]

You created your social networks accounts [check]

Now what?

Well, now you are in the good way. The thing is to keep being in that way and get better. One of the benefits for having social networks is that they help you direct people to your website.

5. To know what people say about your business

In social networks people give their opinions, criticize and recommend. A great presence in social networks is synonym of positive opinions.

The best thing about knowing what people say is that you can change the bad opinions into a good one when you interact with them so you can know the problem and work on that so it won’t happen again.


The best thing about knowing what people are saying about your business is that you can change a bad opinion into a good one. You have the opportunity to interect with your customers so you can let them know you will solve their problem.

When you have a great marketing plan, you’ll have more customers and more traffic. Stop waiting and get into this interesting world of social media.

If you are interested, but still don’t know how to begin, you can contact us! We’ll be pleased to help you.


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