Web Design Trends for 2016

Fashion trends come and go, and so do trends quite often in Web Design! But the decision to follow a trend must be based on your users’ needs and your business. If your Website is based on “what the cool sites are doing”, you’ll become out of date as fast as lightning.

Responsive Web design, Flat design, performance and speed and perfecting the user experience are some of the trends that are still IN. However, what are the new and emerging trend we can expect to see this year?

Do we want less scrolling in Websites? Maybe! This 2016 some sites are getting this scroll thing to the minimum while others insist in a long scroll.

Long scroll and short scroll have their benefits. On one hand, long scrolling is more natural and easier than clicking, but scanning content in the Website is harder to find. On the other hand, short scrolling gets to the point quickly! The thing is that… it may be so quick that causes bounce rates to increase.

As you can see above in the screenshot, Uppercase opted for a no-scroll site. Very interesting, isn’t it? All of what you need is right there without any kind of scrolling.

Maybe a scrolling battle for this 2016 is about to start. Let’s see which one will be victorious. Although long scrolling sites are taking he lead over short scrolling.

(Responsive Design = Flat Design)

Responsive design is taking over the Web and it comes by holding hands with Flat design to continue dominating design aesthetic this year. Websites will be launch this year with Flat design, and those who’ve already have it, will look for a way to make things even flatter.

(Functionality over looks)

Having a nice Web design is great, but what makes it awesome is functionality! And users are paying more attention about how a site functions than how it looks.

Most of the times, users leave a Website because they’ve encountered something that is not working well for them. Really bad for an e-commerce, right?

(Rich animations)

Remember those ’90s gifs? They are back and if you use them properly in your Website, it will be amazing!

Animations are used to enhance a site’s storytelling and they make an interactive and fun experience to your users in your site. Use them carefully! Having a lot of animations won’t be nice to your users.

All of these trends are amazing, you just have to look carefully for what’s the best for your business. Don’t make a Website just because it is “cool”, make it because you know it will work perfectly for your business.

Now tell us… which of these are the best for your business?