How should I post a Gif on Facebook?

You read the title and think: “that’s silly. I just upload it and that’s it”. If thought that, we want you to upload your gif by first. You’ll see that Facebook uploaded your gif as an image: simple and static. This happens because Facebook recognize only images, videos and links.

It’s still kinda hard to believe that with all the technology we have today and that Facebook is a demanded social media platform, we can’t upload a gif directly to our profile or Fan Page.

But don’t worry!

Let’s thank to social media gods that Facebook is known by too many people around the world, and there’s always a way to solve this kind of “problems”. You just have to keep reading.

It’s very easy!

  1. You have to click this link
  2. After that, upload your gif or introduce the url where the gif is.
  3. Then click UPLOAD GIF.

After a few seconds you’ll have your result! The SHARE option offers you a link that you can copy and paste on Facebook like a YouTube url, but in this case the animation reproduces constantly. Also, you can click on the Facebook button and share the gif directly from giphy. Whatever you choose, the result is the same.

It’s very interesting when you use gifs a lot, because you can create an account on giphy and save all your gifs there. The best thing is that everything is for free!

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