Common Hashtags on Instagram

As we all know, hashtags (HT) are very important when we post a picture on Instagram. Without them, we cannot reach to more people! They help us to position our brand and also with content research.

As community managers, we must look for the best and the most popular HT so we can take advantage of them and get into the trends.

But before that, we must make a HT research: which are the most popular, which ones are used by the competition, how often they are used, which ones I can create for my brand and which ones are generics… Every HT we create must be joined by a generic one. These generics HT are necessary because they help us a lot to reach more people, and also to get more followers if we used them wisely.

As generic HT we can find:

  • #NoFilter
  • #Tips
  • #news
  • #picture
  • #true
  • #fact
  • #music
  • #humor
  • #rrss
  • #CM
  • #CommunityManager
  • #beauty
  • #goodmorning

There are also another common HT on Instagram we can use to get into the trends and interact with other Instagrammers:

  • #Instamood: how you feeling
  • #OOTD: outfit of the day
  • #WCW: Women Crush Wednesday (picture of a woman on Wednesdays)
  • #Regram: the RT on Instagram
  • #POTD: photo of the day
  • #MCM: Man Crush Monday (picture of a man on Mondays)
  • #Fitspo: sports lovers
  • #TBT: the famous Throw Back Thursday
  • #SMH: Shake My Head (fun pictures)
  • #LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off (it’s like lol)
  • #NoFilter: it’s not necessary to explain this one

We recommend you to not use so much HT with “insta” or “gram” because Instagram could consider your post as spam, and you don’t want that. Besides, we also recommend you to use between 9 to 11 HT per post.